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    Selecting an Appropriate Gift for a Grieving Friend

    Last updated 4 months ago

    When giving a gift to a grieving friend, consider something that will reflect the deceased’s interests and values. There are a variety of gift options that can honor a person’s death. Here are some ideas for appropriate gifts to give a grieving friend or coworker.  

    Charitable Donations
    To honor the memory of the deceased, consider making a donation to a charity that he or she would have liked. If the deceased spent time volunteering for a specific cause, find an organization connected to that cause. The family may also provide a list of charitable organizations to choose from. Avoid donating to ideological, political, or religious charities that may not hold the same values or ideals as the deceased. This could easily offend loves ones. Also consider providing monetary support as a gift to a grieving friend. Sometimes, funeral expenses or other circumstances can be hard on the family, so personal financial support can be helpful.

    Food or Gift Baskets
    Following the death of a loved one, close friends and family are often occupied with the task of arranging the funeral and other services. It is helpful to provide them with meals so they will have one less thing to worry about. Sending a gift basket or delivering take-out is also a kind gesture that will go a long way. These are both practical gift ideas that will provide comfort during their time of grief and loss.

    Flowers and Cards
    Floral bouquets/arrangements have traditionally been an appropriate gift for grieving friends and loved ones. Gifting flowers is a classic way to express condolences. If the flowers are sent to the funeral home, they can be displayed during the funeral or other services. Also consider giving a heartfelt card containing a few kind words about the deceased. A card can be mailed or handed directly to family members of the deceased during the visitation or funeral. Adding a personal note to a sympathy card will show genuine care.

    M.E. Rodriguez has been providing complete funeral services in San Antonio since 1921. Our services include pre-funeral planning, at-need planning, and grief support. Visit our website or call (210) 390-0864 to learn more about our mortuary in San Antonio.

    Choosing Flowers to Send to a Funeral

    Last updated 5 months ago

    The three important factors to consider when making a flower arrangement choice are culture, age, and personality. The first step in choosing flowers is to pick the color and type. White is a common color for sorrow and bereavement in many cultures. However, there are some cultures and religions that do not accept flowers at all during bereavement. Be aware of this, and understand the cultural and religious backgrounds of the deceased and their family before sending a floral arrangement. Picking an arrangement with the deceased’s favorite colors and flowers can be a beautiful tribute. Watch this video for more helpful tips on choosing funeral flowers.

    M.E. Rodriguez of San Antonio can offer grief support and funeral planning for grieving families. Our services include an in-house florist, memorial, graveside, and traditional service planning, pre-need planning options, and more. Visit our website or contact us online at (210) 390-0864 to learn more about our funeral home services.  

    Comforting a Friend or Loved One Who Has Lost a Child

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Losing a child is a devastating loss that parents may feel they will never get over. A grieving parent may be dealing with feelings of guilt, anger, and confusion when facing the loss of a child. Here are some things to keep in mind as you attempt comforting a friend who is grieving after the passing of his or her child.

    Give Them Time
    There is no time limit for how long a person may grieve. It is important not to rush a person into getting over their loss and moving on. Allow them to experience their emotions of grief and offer your support. Ask your friend if they need anything, whether it is simply to talk or help with getting daily tasks done. Don’t be afraid to mention the child for fear of causing pain. Encourage your friend to talk about their child with you, as this is a healthy way to process thoughts and emotion. Be patient in listening to the stories they tell about their child or the feelings they are experiencing.

    Provide Support
    In addition to encouraging your friend to express their thoughts and feelings to you, suggest they get involved with a support group for grieving parents. These can be a healthy venue for processing their grief. Also consider giving them a journal where they can write about their feelings, or write memories about their child. Encourage them to keep their child as a part of their lives through memorial.

    Encourage Healthy Habits
    Encourage your friend to get plenty of rest. It is important for a grieving parent to take care of their health, even in their lowest moments. If they have trouble sleeping, refer them to a physician that can help. As they experience feelings of depression, they may lose interest in caring for themselves. Help them maintain a good diet by offering to cook meals for or with them. Invite them over to have dinner, and encourage them to eat properly. If they don’t feel like eating meals, suggest they eat several healthy snacks throughout the day. Offer to take them out for walks to ensure they get some exercise and remain active.  

    M.E. Rodriguez can offer comfort and peace of mind to families dealing with loss. Located in San Antonio, we provide pre-need, at-need, and grief support services. Visit our website or contact us at (210) 390-0864 to learn more about our funeral home.   

    How to Choose an Urn to House Your Loved One's Remains

    Last updated 5 months ago

    When choosing a cremation urn it is important to take your time. Typically, crematories will package the ashes in a temporary container to store them until a suitable urn is found. Choosing the right urn is a personal undertaking that should be made carefully when possible. Families can easily collaborate on urn choices with the use of the internet, which offers numerous choices. When deciding on an urn, determine your budget. Then, choose an urn that is suitable for how you want to display it. If the urn will be permanently displayed in a home, almost any option can work. If it will be buried outdoors, however, you should pick an urn made of marble or metal. Any urn can be buried if it is placed in an urn vault.

    M.E. Rodriguez of San Antonio can assist you in honoring a departed loved one. We serve families in every detail of the funeral arrangements, from selecting an urn to arranging the memorial services. Visit our website or call us at (201) 390-0864 to learn more about our funeral services.

    Selecting Music for Your Loved One's Memorial Service

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Arranging services for a departed loved one can be difficult in the midst of grief and loss. It is important to seek support while organizing all parts of the services, from the venue down to the music selection. If you are finding it difficult to select the appropriate songs for your loved one’s service, read on for a few tips and ideas.

    Ask For Help
    If you are at a loss for song ideas on your own, it’s a good idea to ask family and friends for their suggestions. Family members might even have a few special requests for songs. Getting a second opinion on your choices can also help you make the perfect selections for the service. Before using the music, listen to the song from beginning to end. Pay close attention to the lyrics; there are many websites that allow you to read over the lyrics as you listen to the song. If you are having trouble finding appropriate songs, consider using instrumental music to honor your loved one.

    Choose Music that Comforts
    Select music that allow the mourners to reflect on your loved one while grieving over his/her passing and celebrating his/her life. It is important for the music to provide comfort while also encouraging pleasant memories of the departed. Songs that are one of the person’s favorites, or reflects his/her personality are often ideal choices for the memorial service. If you select a song that is of special significance to the departed, you might prepare a verbal introduction before playing it, to allow mourners to understand its importance. 

    Begin Researching

    There are numerous sources online for finding music that is appropriate for memorial services. A simple Google search can yield numerous results. Among the most popular of songs on compiled lists are Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”, Westlife’s “You Raise Me Up,” and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” These are just a few of the many song choices available to you.

    If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and need help arranging services, contact M.E. Rodriguez funeral homes in San Antonio. We provide assistance in every detail of funeral arrangements, from selecting music and flowers to finding a cemetery and monument. Visit our website or contact us at (210) 390-0864 to learn more about how we can assist you in your time of need.



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